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154 is a magic number for Central Line

When a creative call-to-arms was circulated amongst the Central Coast community in 2014 searching for 60 creatives in just 60 days, we never expected what followed. 154 talented people registered their details and shared their narrative with the project we titled ‘Central Line’.

‘Central Line’ was granted funding under round one of the 2014 Art Central initiative, and was conceived to encourage creative collaborations and provide our growing creative economy with much-needed exposure. In a region long presumed to have little connectivity between cultural groups and creative industries – ‘Central Line’ was a project aimed expressly at new introductions, connecting both creatives with one another – and the community at large.

12 diverse creatives were invited (6 from Wyong Shire, 6 from Gosford City) to unite into 6 teams and explore a creative brief together. Their response to their creative brief would be documented through story and shared with the Central Coast community as part of our cultural legacy.

Special thanks goes to our wonderful and generous Steering Committee members; Nina Angelo, Karen Dimmock, Col Henry, Elio Gatti and Trent Brailey – who shaped the project and provided guidance and mentoring to many of our participants.

Tomorrow holds every opportunity for our creative community, and a lasting platform or ‘womb’ was something we wanted to create not only for our 154 initial participants, but to all our creatives who would respond to the ‘Central Line’ concept on-going. is the digital legacy we now gift back to our community. We encourage every creative to register themselves on this free platform so we can continue to celebrate the cultural value and enterprise our creative community invests into the Central Coast every day.

Visit the Central Line Website to watch the incredible journeys of our 6 creative teams, and create your own creative directory profile today.

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