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Two Central Coast arts projects, celebrating and encouraging creativity on the Coast, The Podcast Series and The Bogan Song Cycle, will be funded through the Art Central partnership, celebrating and encouraging creativity on the Coast.

Find out more about these 2 new projects here.


154 is a magic number for Central Line

By Ginny Gallegos · Imprints

When a creative call-to-arms was circulated amongst the Central Coast community in 2014 searching for 60 creatives in just 60 days, we never expected what followed. 154 talented people registered their details and shared their narrative with the project we titled ‘Central Line’.

‘Central Line’ was granted funding under round one

Art Central Receives New Partnership Funding

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Art Central is a regional partnership between Arts NSW, Gosford City Council, Wyong Shire Council, and Regional Development Australia Central Coast to develop the arts across the region.

Arts NSW has committed $90,000 to Art Central over three years from 2014, with the other partners also contributing $150,000, to support creative

About Art Central

Art Central is a new program realised through the Central Coast Arts and Community Partnership program. This program is funded by Arts NSW in a partnership with Regional Development Australia Central Coast, Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council, to increase professional arts activity on 
the Central Coast.